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Vitamin E Deficiency And Why You Need To Stock Up On It

Vitamin E deficiency is a painful condition which brings along symptoms such as pain in the muscles, difficulty with walking and other functions as well as an overall sense of unease.

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Vitamin E Deficiency And Why You Need To Stock Up On It

According to the NHS, Vitamin E is absolutely a necessity to keep our skin healthy and our eyes sharp, and one can keep their body fresh and healthy and reinforce their immune system by adding more Vitamin E to their diets.

The Vitamin

Vitamin E is incredibly important to our bodies. A heavy lack of Vitamin E could lead to a deficiency which comes along with many uncomfortable symptoms and even painful ones over time. Vitamin E deficiency symptoms often appear as weaker muscles and painful joint movements, difficulty with vision, coordination issues and many more, including an overwhelming feeling of being sick or unwell. Vitamin E deficiency could be caused by a lack of proper eating or a medical condition but a deficiency could be reversed by adding certain foods to your everyday diet.

Vitamin E is found in many foods. Nuts and seeds are heavily loaded with Vitamin E as well as whole grains, which prove to be an excellent source of the vitamin. A few examples would be almonds, peanut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, which all add not only nutrition but flavor to any diet you may be following. Vitamin E is also found in fruits and vegetables, with kiwis and mangos being a couple of the best sources to stock up on Vitamin E from. Vegetables with leaves are also incredibly loaded on the vitamin and provide a great amount of it.


Vitamin E contains antioxidants which help cleanse the body and keep your immune system backed up and boosted. While dietary consumption of Vitamin E is usually the first and best way to handle a deficiency, visits to a nutritionist and a doctor may be needed as taking too much of the Vitamin may also be harmful, yet a lack of it can bring more symptoms to the surface. 


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