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Ximo Puig: "We can only reach agreements if we are willing to give in"

The Valencian president considers it necessary to reset the State taking all positions

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Ximo Puig: "We can only reach agreements if we are willing to give in"

The president of Generalitat, socialist Ximo Puig, has expressed his hope that tomorrow, day of independence referendum, is a peaceful day, in which coexistence is guaranteed. "We do not have to regret anything because tomorrow, day after tomorrow and next we have to talk. We must talk, seek a concerted solution since territorial problem in Spain is not just Catalonia."

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The general secretary of PSPV-PSOE, who has held a meeting with socialist councilors, considers it necessary to "reset State", from dialogue and attending to all positions, "without any kind of Manichaeism or later frustration for not having achieved it. that one wanted, because we can only reach agreements if we are willing to give in. "

Faced with Catalan conflict and illegal consultation, Puig has stated that law arises from politics and can be changed, but that must be done with alternatives provided by democracy. "I hope everyone is aware that confrontation does not lead anywhere, and I trust that all parties will be reasonable," he added.

On new proposal of law of plurilingualism , will substitute to decree law appealed before courts that yesterday presented socialists, Compromis and We can in Valencian Courts, leader of PSPV has indicated that it will allow to advance towards an alliance for Valencian public education. "We have opportunity for all political groups, social and entire educational community to be able to consolidate laws that will allow us in future to reach objectives such as overcoming failure at school since all children in Valencian Community know Castilian, Valencian and English. "

The Valencian president is convinced that Consell and Valencian Institute of Oncology Foundation (IVO) will achieve an agreement in concerted action for comprehensive oncological health care, he has asked for tranquility to citizens. "The medical treatments that have to be given are going to give," has guaranteed head of Valencian Executive.


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