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World Heart Day: Do this at 40 to live 4 more years and spend 22% less on doctors

Things to take into account according to your age to avoid cardiovascular diseases

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World Heart Day: Do this at 40 to live 4 more years and spend 22% less on doctors

The heart , perhaps most perfect engineering work, beats without asking permission. Therefore, it is almost not given importance, although its movement is extremely complex and it depends on it to work. Maybe because of rhythm of life, because we are busier thinking about our asphyxiating routines or because we understand that its function is to beat and that its obligation is to fulfill it, in many occasions, it does not receive attentions and necessary cares to him. And so our hair shines.

It is not a question of scaring, but heart disease is becoming more common. The Spanish Heart Foundation warns that diseases related to this muscle affected almost 230,000 Spaniards in 2015, same number of football fans that fit in Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou and Mestalla toger, and 17.5 million of premature deaths are related to se conditions. Bad business. However, in addition to generating alarm, se figures leave room for reaction: "Everything we do to prevent diseases from appearing will bring us closer to health ideal," says Alvar Ocano, medical manager of Aegon insurance group, "that is, to complete state of physical, mental and social well-being ".

Prevention: "The best way to fight against any negative statistics," says doctor. According to a long-term study by American Heart Society - y evaluated 17,939 people for 40 years - people who maintain good heart health in middle age live almost four years longer than rest and spent 22% less on treatments for chronic diseases in your life. So, quiet and good food. But it's not enough to have salad dinner twice a week and walk park on Saturday morning, even if that's a good starting point. To preserve health of heart you have to take into account or factors that expert breaks down by age. The race starts now. Prepared. Ready. Already!

If you are between 20 and 30 years old

In first place, it is almost painful to treat you, in view of your exultant youth. But his heart deserves all attention: "It is important to be aware soon to keep heart in good condition and to be aware, as soon as possible, of what is done wrong and what should be done to be better," Ocano begins. . Therefore, it encourages closer relationship with doctor so that he can provide advice on lifestyle and so you can make appropriate tests arterial control, cholesterol, glucose and weight. it also invites you exercising -in BuenaVida we recommend se three - at a stage where body will be perfectly prepared to tackle it and, of course, avoid tobacco .

If you are between 30 and 40

Maybe a little less exultant but, still, youth in abundance. But work and stress, potential for parenting and multiplication of concerns and responsibilities can start to make a dent in heart. Thus, "it is advisable to conserve healthy habits and begin, if y have already been, to instill m into children to create a pattern in m," recommends expert, who also advises "to keep visits to doctor, since it will start to study in more depth patterns and family history to reinforce preventive actions ". And, as a third way, fight against stress: "This increases heart rate and blood pressure, which results in damage to arteries, so it is very important to learn to control it," confirms doctor.

If you are between 40 and 50

Well, he's not 20 anymore, that's a fact. But it does not have 100 eir. It is time to "begin to watch with more emphasis weight , since metabolism tends to diminish from se ages, and also to control glucose levels, without losing sight of exercise", warns Ocano , which reveals anor preventive practice: "Do not ignore snoring, since one in five snorers suffer from sleep apneas that can lead to heart and brain diseases." Not only are y annoying, y are also dangerous.

If you are between 50 and 60

"Perhaps first unfavorable diagnoses related to hypertension , cholesterol or diabetes have appeared. It's time to become really serious, "confirms Ocano. And it does not mean that previous steps were less important, but now" medical treatments and controls must be maintained with determination, as well as reviewing diet and definitively abandoning little habits advisable. "And to continue this way when following decades are exceeded, always bearing in mind that old age is only accumulated youth, but that one must never depart from ideal of well-being or dismiss prevention.

Experts like Alvar Ocano encourage not only to remember heart once a year, on ir World Day. Because, if not, statistics will continue to progress. Like those that form Spanish Heart Foundation or World Heart Federation. Or that collected by investigation, which states that hypertension is now twice as deadly in Spain as 10 years ago. So, if idea is to get to retirement - and more - ready to enjoy life without fuss, it will be better to work from today to get it.

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