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Trump Health Secretary Slammed for Private Jets Scandal

Tom Price charged the treasury with a bill of $ 400,000 on private jets

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Trump Health Secretary Slammed for Private Jets Scandal

Donald Trump had a foot in swamp and took it out. His Health Secretary, Tom Price, beaten right and left to charge his private jet travel to public coffers, presented his resignation Friday. Its fall, far from a liberating decision, was forced by dimension that had taken scandal and by words of president himself, who shortly before defenestration publicly expressed his discomfort. "I'm not happy, okay?" Trump said when asked about case.

Price's exit is not an irreparable fissure, but it shows instability that prevails in White House. In a few months, National Security adviser, Press Secretary, Cabinet Chief, Communications Director, chief strategist ... The etiology of layoffs has been varied, but y all have one thing in common: lightness of Trump, a newcomer to politics, at time to form Government.

In case of Price, a 63-year-old orthopedic surgeon, his dismissal was preceded by a scandal that threatened to pepper president. In a few months, health secretary had handed over to his department a bill of more than $ 400,000 for two dozen trips on private jets, some costing $ 25,000. The exorbitant number, unveiled last September 19 by Politician, had shaken public opinion. In an Administration determined to cut health care programs and do not mind leaving millions without health insurance, discovery that its top Health Officer spent on king's gunpowder was seen as a symptom of corruption. Of those muddled and arrogant practices that Trump so much criticized in his campaign and which he promised to eradicate.

Fueled by continuous revelations, wave grew well above attempts to stop it. Even Price's gesture, with water around his neck, to apologize and promise to return money did not even help. Without waiting for refund, president himself made public his discomfort and announced that he would make a decision. Two hours after this public warning, White House issued a statement resigning secretary.

A prominent member of medical right, anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage, Price had distinguished himself before and after his term for his fierce opposition to health care system implemented by Barack Obama. But being his main task, his failure was also his greatest failure. Intense attempts to overthrow Obamacare have clashed with lack of Republican consensus in Congress. A fiasco that dwarfed to microscopic sizes figure of secretary of Health and that now has allowed that its fall is seen like obliged. One less pawn on Washington board.


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