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The writer Anne Bert was euthanized in Belgium

She had suffered from a progressive and incurable disease, and had made her planned suicide a political battle. She died Monday, at the age of 59, in a palliative care unit.

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The writer Anne Bert was euthanized in Belgium
She had made her suicide a political battle. Writer Anne Bert died Monday, October 2, at age of 59, after receiving a lethal injection in a palliative care service in Belgium, as she had publicly expressed her wish on numerous occasions in recent months .

Affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), better known as Charcot's disease, an evolutive and incurable neurodegenerative disease that gradually enveloped her, this erotic and intimate writer chose to mediate her decision in hope of evolving French law prohibiting euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Elegant, luminous, fluid speech, Anne Bert had long managed to give visitors to her home in Fontcouverte, near Saintes, in Charente-Maritime. In her last phase, disease, which she described as "cannibal", had yet rendered her arms unusable, as "dead", stiffened her legs and limited her movements. "I can not eat or sleep alone, I can not swallow, I live like an animal," she said in early September, explaining that she had lost 15 kg in one year.

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In an unprecedented step, Anne Bert had not only announced her intention to go and die in Belgium, but also had strength to respond to all media that solicited her. Tirelessly, she explained why Claeys-Leonetti law on end of life, voted in December 2015, was, according to her, a "gigantic deceit" and "powder for eyes" for patients at end of life.

In "anger" against French legislation

At origin of his "anger": his refusal to be subject to good will of doctors to be able to benefit from a "deep and continuous sedation", permitted by law to avoid suffering before dying. One technique she felt was not appropriate to her situation.

Claiming agnosticism, she who was also in charge of guardianship at court of Saintes said she was "angry that it is religious motives that prevent passage of a law authorizing euthanasia". "I am ashamed that France is relieved of this on or countries," she told World in early September. It's like when she closed her eyes to abortions in England or to makers of angels. "

A member of Association for Right to Die with Dignity, Anne Bert challenged main candidates in presidential election on question of right to decide on her own death. This summer, she had spoken at length on phone with Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn. She said she was convinced that a new law would be passed in France by "two to three years".


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