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The Red Cross warns that Yemen can reach 1 million cases of cholera at the end of the year

Several NGOs warn that the situation in the country is catastrophic and that the outbreak may exceed that suffered by Haiti between 2010 and 2016

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The Red Cross warns that Yemen can reach 1 million cases of cholera at the end of the year

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) has warned Friday that situation in Yemen caused by cholera is "catastrophic" and that number of cases could reach one million by end of 2017. With 25 million inhabitants, epidemic could affect 4% of population of this impoverished Arab republic, plunged for two years into a civil war.

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On Thursday, NGO Oxfam was even more alarmed when it considered that country could reach that number next month and become largest outbreak of cholera ever recorded, above epidemic that Haiti suffered between 2010 and 2016 and reached almost 796,000 cases. At moment, ICRC representative in Yemen, Alexandre Faite, has confirmed that in Arab country re are at least 750,000 cases of cholera and that this disease has already claimed 2,119 lives. Fraile has advanced that epidemic will continue during 2018, although it has indicated that exponential growth of cases and mortality have diminished.

The ICRC representative recalled that country's health system "has collapsed" and that medical personnel have been working without pay for more than half a year. According to UN data, only 45% of health centers in Yemen are fully operational. Faite explained that environment predisposes to infection because in large areas of country re is no running water, and in many places only exists when generators work, as electrical system is totally destroyed. The conflict has also led to absence of vast majority of essential or emergency medicines or chronic diseases.

Faite took advantage to accuse both Huthi rebels who rule capital, Sanah, and forces loyal to Abdu Rabbi Mansur Hadi government and its allies, supported by Saudi Arabia, of using disproportionate force in ir offensives and of causing a "very excessive "number of civilian casualties. The war has claimed more than 5,100 fatalities since March 2015. More than three million citizens have had to flee ir homes.


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