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The IVO closes the agreement with the Generalitat to provide oncological care

President Puig intervenes to redress the crisis between Health and the institute

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The IVO closes the agreement with the Generalitat to provide oncological care

The Board of Valencian Institute of Oncology (IVO) has decided on Sunday unanimously to formalize agreement of concerted action with Ministry of Health for comprehensive health care oncology in Valencian Community, as reported by institution in a statement.

  • Ximo Puig: "We can only reach agreements if we are willing to give in"
  • The IVO calls for an extension to continue profiling oncology care agreement with Consell

The medical institute has taken this decision at a meeting of employers, "once resolved legal issues" raised by new legal framework proposed by department headed by Carmen Montón. The IVO was submitted to contract initially on July 10 and, two months later, decided not to formalize it last September 14.

Finally, Foundation and counseling have reached an agreement that will allow IVO "to continue being an integral cancer center of reference available to all Valencians", stand out from health institution.

Under this agreement, right of oncological or suspected cancer patients to directly access center to be treated is maintained.

For this, an administrative validation procedure has been established by counseling that has as its objective "to guarantee agility and quality of care processes, keys in treatment of disease". In any case, this process must be resolved within a maximum period of 72 hours.

After formalizing agreement with Health, IVO Foundation has highlighted "especially" support and involvement of Generalitat Valencian president, Ximo Puig, throughout this process.

The medical institution has also reiterated its vocation "to remain a key ally of public health in fight against cancer in all its aspects," a task that has been "striving for excellence for more than 40 years."

The award to Oncology Institute of Oncology of integral oncological assistance of community supposes to assume for 54 million treatment of 30,000 derived patients.

In June, Generalitat published call for competition to provide concerted action and, a month later, IVO Foundation was presented by issuing a statement in which it manifested its "responsibility and commitment" with Valencians and ir will to remain "an ally in fight against cancer". On Friday, September 22, when deadline for submitting documentation was initially finalized, Foundation requested an extension to Consell.

Health Minister Carmen Montón moved a week ago to Foundation's willingness to continue to provide this assistance, but warned that if it finally took off and decided to "leave historic collaboration with Generalitat," public network is "perfectly prepared" to take on all patients.

The president of Generalitat, Ximo Puig, met three days later last Thursday with Tomás Trénor, one of patrons of IVO Foundation, in framework of dialogue with a view to reaching an agreement with institute that would allow maintain concerted action in oncology.

Puig had already shown predisposition of Consell, in addition to defending legality of new contract and ensure that " problem is that revolving doors do not work properly," referring to fact that current director general of IVO is Manuel Llombart, exconsejera of Health of Consell of PP.

The session of Foundation Board returned to issue this past Friday for several hours and ended with decision to "continue studying" agreement before formalizing it.

The Ministry of Health granted foundation an extension of deadline to submit required documentation. Thus, re was time to take final decision until Monday, October 2, and agreement was finally closed just hours before deadline.


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