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The extraordinary history of the intimate parts of Napoleon

The French conqueror only arrived in Egypt, but his penis made its way to New Jersey (and there it continues). This is the chronicle of that trip

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The extraordinary history of the intimate parts of Napoleon

Ten years ago a man named John K. Lattimer, eminent of urology, a professor at Columbia University and a collector of curiosities such as cyanide capsule that killed Nazi leader Hermann Göring, Abraham Lincoln's bloody necklace and, apparently , penis of Napoleon. If penis of French conquistador does not remain attached to its original owner is because, according to studies, would have been cut by doctor of Napoleón during his autopsy in 1821 and delivered to a priest of Corsica.

From here fate of penis becomes a little more diffuse. If we pay attention to Washington Post, he traveled from hands of Italian priest's family to a London bookseller in 1916. Later, according to New York Times, he arrived at home of a Philadelphia collector named ASW Rosenbach. He exhibited it at Museum of French Art in New York in 1927, where a journalist from Time magazine had a chance to see him and described it in one of most striking ways in history of journalism: "Sentimentaloides sobbed, superficial women They laughed, y pointed out, and in a glass case y saw something that looked like a battered strip of shoestring or a wrinkled eel. "

This object, which nobody was clear about wher or not Napoleon's penis really was, came in 1977 to John J. Lattimer, eminence of urology and died in 2007. And re he has remained in his home in New Jersey. Nowadays fascination that Napoleon's penis causes among historians is so great that one of m has become his kind of official biographer. Tony Perrottet published in 2006 Napoleon's Privates: 2,500 Years of History Unzipped ("The private parts of Napoleón: 2,500 years of history uncovered"). In 2014, a documentary of British chain Channel 4 sent Perrottet to house of daughter of John J. Lattimer in outskirts of New York. Evan Lattimer, a smart-looking woman with a carré hairstyle and no suspicions about keeping severed penis of a conqueror in basement, sat down with him to answer everyone's question:

"Is it definitely a penis?"

"No doubt about that," Lattimer says. The internal structures are perfect.

A few minutes later, Lattimer leads Perrottet to basement, unpacks (about five times) a black box with a N overprinted and delivers it.

"The box of my dreams," he says. It's heavier than I thought!

The commentary comes because size of Napoleon's penis has for decades been a sort of private joke among historians, as well as its allegedly short stature (in recent years rebutted by specialists: 168 centimeters was, for its time, a higher average to which British measured). In any case, it has given rise to a colloquial term to define supposed bad milk that characterizes to some small men and with which y try to equal to taller men ( complex of Napoleón, that does not have scientific supports) and holders like one of British version of Huffpost: "The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had a penis of 3.80 centimeters."

The revelation came from anor documentary on British television - an obsession with French penises - called Dead Famous DNA, in which host Mark Evans investigated wher remains of celebrities such as Lennon, Hitler or Elvis y could tell us something about m. During documentary, Evans said: "I've seen a lot of penises, from a chihuahua to whale sperm, this one is so faded!"

Napoleon's penis is still in a basement in New Jersey today. Evan Lattimer has rejected, according to Time, at least an offer of 85,000 euros for him. As you read se lines, it is possible that great world leaders are seriously thinking about how to make sure ir penises are buried with m and do not undertake a solo career ( case of John Wayne Bobbit revived this atavistic terror in 1993). But what or contemporary leader has provoked dozens of articles on size of his member? Donald Trump, we're thinking about you.

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