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Scleroderma, one hundred squares are colored with cyclamen to fight it

<html> On Sunday, September 24, volunteers from the Gils group will be on the field for the twenty-third consecutive year to support patients and research ">

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Scleroderma, one hundred squares are colored with cyclamen to fight it

Mara Maionchi A CICLAMIN to raise funds for scientific research and to make known scleroderma , a systemic sclerotic disorder that affects small arterial blood vessels and important internal organs such as heart, lung, esophagus, intestine, kidney. On occasion of Cyclamen Day, on September 24 more than one hundred Italian squares will color with cyclamen to provide information on pathology and to support sick. Mara Maionchi, Vito Di Tano, Lorenzo Cittadini and Franco One - GILS's testimonial - will come down in square firsthand as volunteers to fight, inform and support research on this Sunday of solidarity. The proceeds of this day will allow two 25,000-euro projects to be launched to be awarded to young researchers: "Since 2008, Carla Garbagnati Crosti , president of GILS, has invested 1,444,285 euros in scientific research and, for this year, we have decided to fund two different projects: first epidemiological clinic, while second is based on translactive purposes. The purpose of Cyclamen Day, however, is not just to raise funds for research but also to to spread knowledge about disease, so that it can be an early diagnosis that in many cases can really save life. " READ OUT - Scleroderma, especially women. The importance of early diagnosis? Free Checks. From Friday 22 to Sunday 24 September, hospitals that have joined "Open Hospitals" project of GILS will carry out free checks throughout Italy from 9 am to 12 noon (depending on ir programming). To find out all squares that will offer cyclamen and hospitals that will join project you can visit or call toll free 800.080.266. The illness. The term scleroderma means 'tough skin' and represents a disease affecting arterial vascular and internal organs, characterized by fibrosis, endolial damage and excessive activity of immune system. A rare disease in Italy, refore, affects about 25,000 people, especially women ( ratio is 7-8 affected women compared to only 1 man). The estimated incidence is between 4 and 20 new cases per 1 million inhabitants per year and number of patients ranges between 30 and 450 cases per 1 million inhabitants. The possibility of early diagnosis of scleroderma is an additional weapon to stop its progression. The alarm bell that precedes onset of disease is Raynaud's phenomenon, a clinical condition in which hands, feet and sometimes even nose and ears y become cold and insensitive, changing color after exposure to cold. To confirm diagnosis, a simple blood sampling and capillaroscopy are enough to highlight autoantibodies and vascular disorders characteristic of systemic sclerosis.


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