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"Sport by prescription": a plan in Ile-de-France to encourage doctors

"Prescri'forme", the quadrennial plan signed on Wednesday, aims to simplify the prescription of sports practice, considered until now time-consuming and complex.

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"Sport by prescription": a plan in Ile-de-France to encourage doctors
Six months after entry into force of decree of application of law known as "Sport by prescription", few doctors have seized device. The prescription of a sport practice adapted to pathology of a patient suffering from a long-term condition is, in fact, considered to be complex and time-consuming by practitioners.

A disappointing finding for promoters of law, who had put forward in 2015 benefits of a regular sports practice on health, both from a preventive and curative point of view.

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Michel Cadot, prefect of Ile-de-France region, and Christophe Devys, director general of regional health agency (ARS) of Ile-de-France region, signed a new plan to put an end to this immobility "Sport, health and well-being" with a budget of € 1.6 million.

This plan aims to combat two scourges: growing number of people with chronic diseases and increase in health inequalities in disadvantaged areas. Concretely, inhabitants of Paris do not have same free time to practice physical activity according to wher y have thirty minutes or three hours of daily transport, according to wher y have a job with compulsory schedules or not, or according to ir culture. "The women who met during preliminary consultations in working-class districts asked, as a matter of priority, to convince men of interest y had in practicing physical activity, even when y had children", quotes , for example, Laurent de Lamarre, at head of regional directorate of youth, sports and social cohesion (DRJSCS) of Ile-de-France.

The "Prescri'forme" initiative aims to facilitate prescribing of sports by attending physicians, by providing m with a website referring to 600 centers (for time being) medical-sports certified "health sport", associations approved sports and autonomous sports practice sites. They will also have a track record for ir patients.

Sport educators and associations will be sensitized to welcoming a new, older, less competitive public, which may require practices adapted to ir pathology.

Five sports federations are partners - athletics, rowing, swimming, sports for all, and National Union of School Sports (UNSS), with support of Mutualité française, which unites almost all French mutuals. Moreover, workshops physical activities currently organized in major hospitals like La Pitié-Salpêtrière, in Paris, are expected to multiply.

"The doctor has confidence of patient"

The quadrennial plan will be implemented gradually from January 2018. So it remains three months to convince. In first place, leaders of clubs or sports associations, who are already struggling to find niches available in stadiums and gymnasiums - Ile-de-France region is least equipped region.

Convincing physicians, not rapeutic virtues of sport, which y know, but place y must take in this device. Without action of general practitioners, nothing is indeed possible on a large scale, says Dr. Pierre Billard, 39, author of his doctoral sis on promotion of physical activity by general practitioners and practicing in Val -de-Marne. "The doctor has impact and confidence of patient. It is one of few to be able to impulse a change of behavior, "he explains.


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