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Patients and relatives of the IVO claim to the Minister of Health who "think of patients"

More than 200 people have concentrated in front of the facilities of the cancer center

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Patients and relatives of the IVO claim to the Minister of Health who "think of patients"

Around two hundred people today have concentrated on facilities of Valencian Oncology Institute (IVO) to claim that this entity "remain as it is" and ask Minister of Health, Carmen Montón, "to think about sick."

  • The Generalitat guarantees that Valencian Oncology Institute will continue to treat patients
  • The IVO calls for an extension to continue profiling oncology care agreement with Consell

Summoned through social networks, patients and ir relatives have come to cut street to demand a solution to differences that are occurring between IVO Foundation and Ministry of Health regarding agreement of concerted action for cancer care.

The head of Surgery Service, Rafael Esteban, thanked institution for its support, sent a message of "tranquility" and was "convinced" that problem will be solved in short term. "We want everything to continue as before," he said.

Esteban stressed that "reason" of IVO is assistance to cancer patients in Valencian Community, "re is no or" and added that re is "goodwill" between parties "and health staff." "During intervention of Rafael Esteban, some of concentrates have shouted phrases like" Enough of lies "and asked" Why do not sign " agreement and" When re will be a solution. "

The meeting also included popular deputy Luis Santamaría, who has demanded that guarantee be guaranteed that " institution of reference for city of Valencia and Valencian Community is not touched and remains quiet." "This is where my mor, my aunt and my cousin, can not tolerate families, what y have to do is dedicate ir efforts to cure a disease, be aware of wher IVO closes or not," he added. .


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