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Maria, the cookie, goes on a diet

There are 'marias' with twice as many fats as others, but that is going to end in Portugal

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Maria, the cookie, goes on a diet

Nothing seems to have in common a Scotsman with his plaid kilt and an Indian with his white dhoti, but y have something: humble biscuit Mary. In stores of ir countries and in those of almost all world it is so universal product. The problem is that marias are equal in name, but absolutely different from body. And in Portugal y want to end mess.

Always with curves, but some bruises and ors throwing paliduchas, some plump and anorexic, National Institute of Health Ricardo Jorge has gone beyond external aspect of Portuguese marias and analyzed interior. Their surprise has been to find that some marias are twice as fat as ors with no apparent reason. The institute, concerned about growing obesity of children and population in general, has sent Government its recommendation to legislate on maximum fat that a mare should have.

The researchers went to supermarket and chose several brands of biscuits, with gluten and without it, with sugar without it, but in end y found that same product has abysmal dietary differences, that some manufacturers use twice as much salt and fat saturated - which increase cardiovascular risks of people - to end up selling a maria. In ir study with seven brands, proportion of fat found ranged from 8.73 grams per 100 to 19.5 grams.

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The INS warns Government that it is possible to produce same maria with better nutritional quality and asks it to "set goals that allow gradual reformulation of se foods".

The recommendation will not fall on deaf ears, because Government has undertaken a fight against bad eating habits, however small. He began by recommending to restoration to reduce sugar included in coffee sachets of 8 to 5 grams; at beginning of year, increased taxes on soft drinks with sugar (its consumption has fallen by 25%) and this school year begins with food vending machines, where re are missing items with excess calories, salt or sugar; In addition, in all public kitchens of hospitals and official bodies it is mandatory to include a vegetarian menu option.

So sooner rar than later, mythical cookie - created by a London bakery in 1874 for wedding of Alfred I, son of Queen Victoria, with Maria Aleksandrovna, daughter of Russia's tsar - is going to diet; at least Maria Portuguese.

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