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In Mozambique it is also October 1

The melancholy and angry look of a pediatrician in Africa on the situation that lives Spain

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In Mozambique it is also October 1

My name is Rosauro Varo Cobos and I am thirty-five years old. I am a pediatrician and currently I work in Mozambique in a rural hospital and in a research center. And from what I can see on calendar today is October 1st. I guess as it will be in many or places in world. It has been my turn to live here in Mozambique, with its own reality. To be more exact, a part of reality, mine and those around me. Each one faces as it can his and logical thing is that we move in limits in which it encloses us. Social, political, professional and personal boundaries. And among those limits I can not help feeling angry, sad, tired, restless and resigned.

In last few hours a one-year-old girl infected with HIV has died in hospital and arrived at hospital in severe malnutrition. After a week in hospital we do not know what exactly happened to her. In room where he was, a seven-year-old child is also malnourished, but whose malnutrition reflects anor reality. This child is not infected with HIV, but malnutrition is a result of neglect and abuse in family. He has a severe developmental delay among or things, due to neurocognitive and affective deprivation he has suffered. He does not talk, he does not walk and he sits with immense effort.

Anor room recovers anor child of about nine months who came to hospital accompanied by his neighbor. She found child almost agonizing. We do not know where mor is. He arrived at hospital with an insignificant amount of hemoglobin and had to search and beg for a bag of blood because hospital bank did not have a drop in his group.

In anor room re is anor child of about ten years who has 50% of his body affected by burns of second degree and that every day suffers a torture with cures of wounds. And I only have a part of what happens here on October 1, but it is nothing extraordinary because y are not exceptional cases. It is daily routine of this and many hospitals in Mozambique and world. Where realities establish limits that we do not know or exist. That we can not interpret because we can not even imagine m.

That is why today I feel anger, sadness, fatigue, restlessness and resignation. Because I also want to talk about justice, rights and freedoms. Or, better yet, I would like anyone who really experiences lack of all that could speak. Because I, in spite of everything, speak as a spectator. Those who suffer from lack of justice, violation of ir rights and mistreatment of ir freedoms are ors. I do not know what that means. Many of those who come from same place do not eir. Despite what y want to make us see some pyromaniac politicians who from both sides have burned down a country that should be talking today about universal access to health, precarious work of young people, child abuse that is voluntarily ignored by society, chronic violence against women, humanitarian situation of refugees and immigrants, welfare of our elderly population, ecological commitment to our environment ....

And why not, even if only fleetingly, those who on October 1 fight to where y reach ir strength, to reach next day of calendar. For some, tomorrow, in Mozambique, will also be October 2.

[Rosauro Varo (Sevilla, 1982) is a pediatrician, co-founder of magazine Café con Letras and author of works like Chronicles of World and The Funnel.]


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