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I, myself and my perineum

Pregnancy and childbirth have meant a brutal change for our body, we have to look and look after ourselves

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I, myself and my perineum

The maelstrom of morhood usually leaves very little space, especially mor, for her personal care. When a baby comes to family, daily loop of care, walks, baths, and night shots begins. Then comes vaccines, visits to pediatrician and search for nursery and, without realizing it, it's been 5 or 6 months since we gave birth.

As I said in or posts, like when I talked about hypopressives, paying attention and having time for one is also taking care of your family.

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  • The pelvis, that great unknown for pregnant women

Play your body, stop and watch.

Pregnancy and childbirth have meant a brutal change for our body. We have placed it in maximum situations and multiple efforts and, of course, that has caused changes in our anatomy.

One of areas that is truly exposed to se changes, and which needs to pay close attention if we want to recover ir pre-delivery condition, is pelvic floor and perineum area.

The pelvic floor is a set of muscles that constitute base of pelvis, that is, floor of pelvis, welcoming ir organs such as bladder, uterus and rectum.

This floor has a firmness, I like to explain that it is like an umbrella, ie has a tension, as when umbrella is open.

What can happen? That during labor se muscles are affected and lose that firmness and weaken, so it will not hold rest of organs well.

This leads to problems of uterine prolapses, urinary incontinence, intestinal transit disorders, pains in coccyx, sacrum, lumbar ...

How many of you have happened that sneezing or coughing have sensation that you have had a small leak of urine? Or how many do you notice that when you urinate you can not control m just like before giving birth?

Surely more than one is nodding while reading this. It is a subject that may give some modesty to try, but it is necessary to approach as soon as possible with a specialist, be it a gynecologist or a uro-gynecological physiorapist, because you do not have to settle for putting on compresses, re are or solutions, and I encourage you to look for in your city a professional that helps you improve your quality of life.

Each case will have its peculiarities, but I would like to share some exercises that you can do at home to work and strengn area.

There are several types and incontinence:
  • The stress or stress incontinent that occurs when we increase pressure inside abdomen. This happens when we cough, sneeze ...
  • Urge incontinence, which is incontinence that is accompanied by a strong urge to urinate so fast and intense that does not give time to reach bathroom.
  • The mixed incontinence, which occurs when two previous ones are alternated.
What exercises can we do to start remedying it?

The first step is to locate muscle that we want to work, that muscle that is now weakened and that we want to strengn again.

To locate it will be necessary diagnosis of a physiorapist as it will depend, for example, on wher you have had an episiotomy, if forceps were needed during labor ... and n you are more debilitated.

Then comes time to exercise it. For this you contract pelvic floor because it is precisely that muscle that we are going to train.

This contraction sensation is easily recognizable. To understand it better imagine that while you are urinating, you want to cut pee. That contraction movement is what we need to do to strengn muscle.

Hold contraction for 5 seconds and rest.

I always say that it is best to start for 5 seconds, but you have to get 10 seconds of contraction. We will use same time of contraction as rest or relaxation of muscle.

It is also good to use external contraction elements such as cones, of different size, even Chinese balls to work with. They are introduced into vagina and through movement of contraction we try to retain element inside; if it fell, it would mean that our pelvic floor is quite weak.

The goal of se exercises is to contract and relax muscle so that, based on training, we can tone it.

This goal is not achieved in a day or two, but it requires time and patience, but if you persevere, you will get results.


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