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Goop the Gwyneth Paltrow site suffers, but is under accusation: not scientific

The site, launched by the actress in 2008 as a newsletter, has turned the tips into a brand: amongst the products sold for those for a lifestyle ">

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Goop the Gwyneth Paltrow site suffers, but is under accusation: not scientific
This time is practice of earthing - barefoot connection with earth to heal or restore your own state of mind - to draw attention to Goop site of US actress and singer Gwyneth Paltrow, repeatedly criticized in past. And attack is US magazine The Atlantic revealing how Goop has for once more transformed simple tips into a brand. In case of earthing, for example, Goop took opportunity of an interview with Clint Ober - author of a book about this topic and explains how this neutralizes electrical charges of our body through direct contact with planet's surface can also help prevent "health-related illnesses from inflammation" - sponsor products worth $ 200 to get same results without having to barefoot. "A misleading marketing". The problem raised by, for example, Truth in Advertising - a group representing consumer rights - is that most of Goop's products are part of a misleading marketing: survey has cataloged more than 50 instances in which Goop states , sometimes explicitly, sometimes not, that its products can not only prevent or reduce risk of developing certain disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, infertility, arthritis, but also to treat and treat m. Truth in Advertising has recently turned to two offices that are part of California Food Drug and Drug Task Force, urging m to shed light on Goop and take appropriate action. And a joke had come too READY - All crazy for vaginal egg of Gwyneth Paltrow. But it's a buffalo Popularity and follower. Goop, though involved in many controversies, is strikingly surprisingly upgrading brand and visibility brand: According to American weekly Adweek, Goop is read every month by 1.8 million people (average age of 34) and revenue tripled between 2015 and 2016. Paltrow had announced that year that he had raised $ 10 million from his venture capitalist ventures. Probably main reason for growing interest in Goop site - especially by most affluent Americans - is due to increasingly widespread research of healthy, biologic and millennials that is becoming increasingly widespread in daily lifestyle: 10% Americans do yoga, 8% meditate and in many spend about a third of ir salary in 'professionals' complementary to basic doctors. Not to mention that vip emulation is becoming viral. Celebrities have an important bearing on public health choices: in 2013, Angelina Jolie had spoken of her risk of developing breast cancer, and shortly after, 64% of American women testified for genetic mutation of this tumor . The criticism of experts. The Atlantic reporter sent some articles published on Goop to Scott Kahan , director of National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington, as "You Probably Have a Parasite - Here's What To Do About It," in which a homeopathic physician states which is more susceptible to parasites if you have a low vibrational field or a weakened immune system. Anor expert Jen Gunter , gynecologist and midwife of San Francisco, has pushed a bit more on issue, attacking site with several posts. One of best-selling products that Gunter strongly recommends is jade eggs for vaginal use, which should - as you read on site - take away negative energy and increase your femininity. "The jade, being porous, could allow bacteria to enter - Gunter wrote in January - It could be a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis or even potentially deadly shock shock. "But despite criticisms and ir price, this product is often sold out.


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