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Vinod Channa, Celeb Trainer, Explains Why We Shouldn't Follow Trending Diets

According to celeb trainer Vinod Channa, just because a trending diet is working for one person, it doesn't mean it'll work for everyone. Here's what to know.

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Vinod Channa, Celeb Trainer, Explains Why We Shouldn't Follow Trending Diets

With countless diets promising quick and visible weight loss popping up every other day, celeb trainer Vinod Channa explains that one diet for all does not exist. He also says that just because one person might be following a diet and seeing results, it doesn't mean the same will apply to you.

Everyone is different

Many diets that pop up these days come with promises of quick weight loss, claiming to aid participants in losing up to 10 pounds a week just by following the diet. While these diets are everywhere, many of those following these diets often forget or forgo doing any research to make sure that the diet they choose to follow has no side effects, is suited for their bodies and body type and won't compromise the body and make it susceptible to health issues in the future. Vinod Channa explains that one diet for all types of bodies does not exist. 

To truly determine if a diet is suited for us, proper research involving our current health condition, body weight, blood pressure and much more should be researched and noted to make sure whichever diet we choose to follow is compatible with our body type and won't cause any dangerous health conditions later on.

Trending diets

While some of today's trending diets have gained popularity based on proper confirmation of their effectiveness by trainers and medical experts themselves, many other diets with faux promises of fast and easy to spot weight loss join the scene every day.  Some of the worlds better-known diets which many swear by including the Ketogenic diet, which adjusts the body to start burning bodily fats as opposed to carbs, has been known to return any weight loss just as quickly should a participant stop following the diet or slack off.

Nothing's to say that certain diets won't work for one person, though that doesn't mean that the exact same results which show up for one person will show up for the other. 


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