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Can Turmeric Help With Diabetes 2?

Dr.Sarah Brewer speaks about how with proper and healthy lifestyle changes, as well as adding Turmeric to your diet can help control and maintain your blood sugar levels.

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Can Turmeric Help With Diabetes 2?

Diabetes can be responsible for several health-related issues in the long run and symptoms like blurry vision, exhaustion, excess weight loss and a constant thirst. Dr Sarah Brewer speaks about how adding a certain spice to your diet can help control your blood sugar levels and aid in keeping a healthier lifestyle.


Per Express, Dr.Sarah Brewer explains how adding a certain spice called Turmeric to your diet can help you balance your blood level, of course including a healthier lifestyle with proper exercise and diet. On her website,, she speaks about how the spice has proper and healthy benefits which help with Diabetes, saying: “Turmeric has beneficial effects on pancreatic function, improving the release of insulin from beta-cells." She also adds that “Fourteen people without diabetes underwent glucose tolerance tests on two occasions during which they drank a solution containing 75g glucose and took capsules containing either a placebo or 6g turmeric," saying that samples taken from there showed that it aided the body with a stronger insulin release.

How To Choose?

While maintaining a healthy and proper diet is key to dealing with Diabetes 2, Express reports that praises the world-famous Mediterranean diet for its management of Diabetes 2. The diet itself contains heavy amounts of fruits and vegetables and greatly helps with maintaining a properly controlled blood sugar level. says that “One of the reasons why Mediterranean diets are healthy is that they include a strong vegetable content. Vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, olives, onions, rocket and lettuce are not only great for blood glucose levels but make for very usually appealing meals too.”

The Mediterranean diet is highly recommended due to it's healthy and fresh eating habits, with proper vegetables, fruits and other foods which shy away from processed ones contributing to keeping the body fit and healthy and controlling Diabetes 2.


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