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A Diet Based On Formula Meals Can Combat Obesity In The Short Term

According to a new study, obesity can be dealt with on a short-term basis by replacing actual food with 4 formula meals a day over an 8 week period.

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A Diet Based On Formula Meals Can Combat Obesity In The Short Term

A new study has revealed that by replacing everyday real food and meals with formula-based meals over an eight week period can help those at risk of heart disease and aid in weight loss and obesity over a short-term.

The Study

The study, conducted by Oxford Professor Susan Jebb, the former obesity governor of the government, and her colleagues, was created to see if a crash diet based on consuming four formula "meals" a day, totaling to just over 800 calories a day would help those at a high risk of developing health issues such as diabetes and heart disease due to obesity. The study observed the effects of the diet plan in 278 adults, with half of them following the diet based on formula consumption and the other half with everyday care including advice on weight management and others provided by the practice nurse.

Participants following the formula diet plan lost around an average of 10 kilograms over the period of one year while those following the other diet plan did, in fact, lose weight but at a significantly lower comparison.


The manager of the trial, Nerys Astbury, said that it was a liberating sensation to remove food from those with obesity. As The Guardian reports, she said: “People reported that they didn’t feel hungry. I think these people are overweight because they have an unhealthy relationship with food. We take food out of the equation." Obesity can be attributed to many things, including environments where fattening and junk food is readily and cheaply available at any time which makes controlling portions and self-control much harder.

Eight weeks into the formula diet, regular food was introduced again. Results of the formula diet peaked at around 6 months which was then followed by a gaining weight again slowly. Nerys Astbury said that within a few years, all the participants of the diet were most likely going to return to their original weight scale, although the period in which they had lost weight was healthy and beneficial for them and may possibly encourage them to rejoin the plan again.


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