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What Is The Cambridge Diet And What You Need To Know

The Cambridge diet swear it helps people lose weight faster than other diets do, but is that true?

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What Is The Cambridge Diet And What You Need To Know

Several diets to keep you healthy have been popping up over the past decade or more, but have you heard of the Cambridge Diet? Is it safe to follow?

The Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge diet claims to help people who want to lose weight drop pounds much faster than many of the other weight loss diets people swear by. It’s been claimed to make you lose up to 6 kg per month. The key to the diet is an extremely low caloric intake without sacrificing nutrition. In the first stage, called “Sole Source,” normal solid food intakes is replaced with liquid-form products from the Cambridge Weight Plan brand. You’re also required to drink a lot of water (up to 2.5 litres).

In the following stages, you can slowly start making your way back to solid foods as you begin to lose a lot of weight. You can also incorporate coffee and tea during those stages. In the “maintenance” stage, you can scatter your day with both meal replacements and some healthy solid foods.

This diet uses the same mechanism as the “ketogenic diet,” another popular diet where your body is forced into survival mode, or a “state of ketosis,” where it’s using your fat resources rather than your carb resources for energy.

Is It Effective? Is It Safe?

Although this diet has definitely shown results, experts have warned dieters that, because this diet requires you to eat under 1000 calories a day, the maximum you should stay on this diet is 12 consecutive weeks.

It is also advised that it be followed by supervision. Many even say that your doctor should give you written consent before you start.

LDN Muscle’s Max Bridger, commented on the diet, saying: “It’s not something I would recommend to any of my clients. Sure, eating under 500 calories for 12 weeks will make you drop weight fast, but you’ll also lose a lot of muscle too – so don’t expect an athletic, toned physique at the end.”


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