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What Is The Ayurvedic Diet And What You need To Know

Can an ancient Indian diet be healthy and reintroduce itself into our every day eating habits?

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What Is The Ayurvedic Diet And What You need To Know

Different diets to keep you feeling your best have been popping up everywhere lately, but have you heard of the Ayurvedic diet making a comeback after 5000 years?

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is not just a food regiment, but an entire ancient Indian science involving how to be your healthiest self. This involves food, meditation, and several other aspects.

The diet depends on which body type you are according to Ayurvedic science. There are apparently three different body types:

  1. Vata, which is the air body type- also known as air dosha
  2. Pitta, which is the fire body type and
  3. Kapha, which is the earth body type

The Body Types & Their Diets

Ayurveda claims that we all have all four elements in our bodies, but your body type would mean that you have more of one kind than the rest. They also believe that food has those elements as well, and also have more of one kind, and therefore can be used in order to keep our doshas balanced and healthy. If you're a pitta, or fire body type, your diet should have a fair amount of cooling foods, such as water, salads, fruits etc. Foods that increase your body heat should be fairly minimal, such as excess red meat, alcohol, and jalapenos. They also believed that our bodies are naturally balanced, and only lose their balance with the wrong diet.

They also believed that if you become unbalanced, each body type is prone to different illnesses. If you’re a Vata, you could suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis if unbalanced for too long. Kapha people become prone to type 2 diabetes and Pitta people are more prone to liver or skin problems. Ayurvedic doctors also believe your digestion works better during the middle of your day, and you should have your largest meal around that time.

They recommend that your dinner is relatively early because the body digests better when it’s active. They also recommend that the maximum size of your meals should be two cupped hands of food and that you should only eat when you feel hungry.

Your mental state is also very important in Ayurveda. You should try your best to be very calm, especially during your meals.

Is It Scientifically Proven?

It’s important to note that there isn’t any scientific evidence backing the effectiveness or accuracy of this diet. However, some studies have concluded that the gap between the ancient Hindu medical system and the modern medicine system should be bridged and that there might be aspects of the Ayurvedic system that could be valid and incorporated into the modern medical system.


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