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Tyler Marinelli Explains How He Lost 20-Lb With His Chipotle Diet

Tyler Marinelli lost 20 pounds with his "Chipotle Diet", but is it safe?

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Tyler Marinelli Explains How He Lost 20-Lb With His Chipotle Diet

Tyler Marinelli, a 26-year-old sales manager from Florida explained how he lost 20-Lb by introducing Chipotle to his daily diet regime. 


Tyler Marinelli explained exactly how he lost 20 pounds by adding Chipotle to his diet every day for three entire months. While most would scoff at the idea that you could possibly lose weight by eating Chipotle, Marinelli made a post on Reddit explaining, in detail, exactly how he lost 20 pounds to the "Chipotle Diet". In his post, he spoke about his diet and continued to explain exactly how he worked out and exercised as well as what he ate and included in the unorthodox diet.  

Early this year, Marinelli decided that he needed a change to his lifestyle. In an email to, he said: "I would eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and however much of it I wanted." Constructing a diet consisting of moderated fasting as well as tracking the amount of macronutrient consumption. Wanting to add his favorite food to his diet, Marinelli began working out just how to fit Chipotle into his diet by focusing on a few key ingredients in the dish to avoid the unhealthy ones such as chips and sour cream. 

Instead, Marinelli only usually ate the chicken and rice, adding it to his planned meals of the day. During days with workout routines planned, Marinelli would consume around 1800 calories, cutting down the amount to about 1200 on days where he wasn't exercising. 

Is The Diet Safe?

Susan Berkman, RD, spoke about the diet, saying it wasn't exactly safe as the diet was incredibly high in protein. Speaking to, she said: “This diet is extremely high in protein, with no mention of any fruits or vegetables,” 

By cutting out calories to an almost extreme degree, she wasn't surprised by the weight loss, but as a result of cutting down so many calories, one's metabolism could suffer more harm. A slow metabolism leads to a difficulty in maintaining and losing weight. She also highly recommends the Mediterranean diet to anyone looking for a healthy way of losing weight.


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