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The Nordic Diet And What You Need To Know

The Nordic Diet is a popular diet focused on fruits, vegetables, seafood and more. Here's what you need to know.

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The Nordic Diet And What You Need To Know

The Nordic Diet is a diet that's recognized far and wide for its fantastic eating habits and the results that follow. By encouraging its participants to consume more fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole foods, it cuts off excessively sugary and fatty foods.

The Nordic Diet

The Nordic Diet was designed in 2004 by nutritionists to provide a healthier and more beneficial eating plan to fight the high obesity rates in Nordic countries. Participants of the diet follow eating habits of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and other Nordic countries, cutting out sugary foods as well as those with high levels of fat, shying away from more everyday Western diets.

The Nordic Diet also stocks up heavily on fibres, healthy seafood and vegetables to boost your health and assist in losing weight. The Nordic Diet cuts out sugars, processed and junk food as well as any foods containing additives and encourages fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats and cheeses. 

Mediterranean or Nordic?

While the Nordic Diet is very popular, the Mediterranean Diet is just as well known and followed. The difference between both is that while the Nordic Diet states that meats, sugars, and dairy should be consumed relatively lightly and sparingly, the Mediterranean Diet does encourage consumption of these foods to a degree.

As a diet that does not follow or pay attention to calorie counting, the Nordic Diet is great for those looking to lose weight and stay in fit and healthy shape. It also produces fantastic benefits like a better blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and has been linked to fighting off diabetes. The diet also encourages participants to cook their own meals, avoiding sugary and processed foods. Vegetables are welcomed as well as oats, berries and more. Meats are also part of the diet, which can go perfectly with a side of vegetables or even seafood.


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