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The Mediterranean Diet And What It Does For You

The Mediterranean diet consists of countless health benefits you and your body need, here's an explanation of how it works.

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The Mediterranean Diet And What It Does For You

With countless diets popping up left and right, not to mention celebrity trend diets of all sorts introducing insane and often questionable diet methods, we often have no idea which diet is best suited for us. Outrageous diet ideas and plans confuse many and make it hard to decide on which diet is "the best". Recent research has revealed that the Mediterranean diet keeps the body healthy, the mind focused and protects the body from effects of aging.

The Diet

The Mediterranean diet focuses heavily on eating vegetables, filling up on proteins and consuming healthy fats, all in moderation of course. By following the Mediterranean diet and its methods, many bodily benefits are expected. Weight loss, a sharpness of the mind and a better ability to focus as well as shielding your heart and mind and minimizing the effects of aging. The diet also comes in many forms and names, such as the Mediterranean or Plant diet.

Many choose to stock up on protein through eggs, meats, and seafood, while others completely cut off animal-based products and opt for a vegetarian lifestyle instead. While both versions differ in the choice of consumables, at their very core, they consist of the same concept. Fresh and healthy vegetables, safe and proper amounts of protein and eradicating heavily processed foods and products to cut down on the number of carbohydrates consumed by the body.

Researchers recently spoke about six different studies conducted on the Mediterranean diet, saying that with the results of following this particular diet may result in better bodily functions such as joint elasticity and mobility, cutting down the risks of diseases such as heart illnesses and cancer.

Why Its Good

Plant-based diets fill up the body with energy to keep you fit and on your feet. The protein consumed makes sure your muscles get exactly what they need. The diet also makes sure you're properly fed and feeling full to avoid random cravings throughout the day that may lead to increased consumption.

A dietician in the UK, Nichola Whitehead, spoke to Business Insider, saying: “You need to have a balanced meal. Things like whole grains, fiber, and vegetables, in order to sustain your blood sugar. Empty calories [like white bread or white rice] give a temporary fix"


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