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The Dukan Diet And What You Need To Know

The Dukan Diet is a very popular diet in Europe and is a challenging yet rewarding diet which is praised by many. Heres Why.

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The Dukan Diet And What You Need To Know

The Dukan Diet is a popular diet in Europe which bases itself on foods you can eat without worrying about calorie-counting. A well-known diet which many celebrities and other public figures go by, including Kate Middleton.

The Diet

The Dukan Diet is a diet that brings together three different versions of diets which are high-protein diets, low-fat diets, and low-carb diets with fresh vegetables and proteins being among the key elements of the diet. The diet was designed by Pierre Dukan and became a very popular diet, selling over 8 million copies and earning a spot among the top. The Dukan diet is separated into four different phases, each getting easier as they go on. In order, they go as the Attack Phase, the Cruise Phase, the Consolidation phase, and the Stabilisation phase.

The Attack Phase is the first and lasts anywhere from five to ten days and participants have the choice of 72 different foods that are high in protein with a complete cut off from carbohydrates. Lisa Hayim, the founder of The Well Necessities, says: "The first is called 'the attack' phase, where you focus on consuming protein,".

More To Go

The other three phases, Cruise, Consolidation, and Stabilisation introduce themselves after the initial five to ten days of the Attack Phase. Cruise Phase reintroduces carbs to the diet by introducing 28 vegetables where participants continue to follow the Dukan Diet with the addition of any choice from 28 pre-chosen vegetables. The Consolidation Phase brings back restricted foods like fruit, dairy products and more.

Dieters are also allowed two "celebratory meals" per week which allows them almost any meal they want, although a few select things are still forbidden. The Stabilisation Phase, which is the final stage, is a step considered as a "forever phase". Having reintroduced carbohydrates into your everyday diet, maintaining your desired weight and following a healthier lifestyle. Lisa Hayim says "The final phase is called 'stabilization' and is ongoing. This is the maintenance stage where you can eat what you please, but one day a week, you go back to the 'attack phase' with extra fiber and exercise."


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