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The Dopamine Diet: Happiness For All?

Dopamine is a protein responsible for happiness and pleasure throughout the day.

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The Dopamine Diet: Happiness For All?

While many diets out there are beneficial and do in fact help us maintain our bodies and control our weight, many of them are tiring and harsh on our moods. The Dopamine diet is designed to keep us healthy, happy and with elevated moods.

What is the Dopamine diet?

Many diets often restrict our favorite foods, cut off alcohol and more which in turn only makes us more frustrated as we try to lose weight or get into a healthier shape. The Dopamine diet is based on happiness as well as health. So what exactly is Dopamine? Dopamine is a chemical which transmits signals back and forth between the brain and is responsible for the pleasure center. Emer Delaney says: “Protein foods are made from the building blocks of amino acids (including tyrosine), which are essential to the production of dopamine. It has therefore been suggested that upping protein intake may also boost dopamine production without increasing appetite,”

Many suggest theoretically that foods rich in protein can deliver the same effects as Dopamine.

What can i eat?

Unlike other diets, many of our favorite foods can be consumed while following the Dopamine diet. Chef Tom Kerridge, Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight, filled his book up with delicious recipes with everything from bacon to halloumi and even shepherds pie. While sugar and carbs are a big no-no, many favorites like meat, dairy, chocolate and more are allowed. The Dopamine diet forbids alcohol but allows you to latch onto some of your favorite foods that other diets would regularly cut out. A few tips come in handy as well, like eating regularly to avoid mood swings and hunger, exercising also helps greatly.


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