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The 4 Week Diet Plan & What You Need To Know

Brian Flatt hit stardom locally and internationally after his diet plans were proven successful and useful.

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The 4 Week Diet Plan & What You Need To Know

After completing his research for countless hours on the human body, dieting and weight loss, Brian Flatt's diets have skyrocketed in popularity due to their compatibility with all body types.

Flatt's Books

Brian Flatt's books and dietary plans have struck high amongst nutritionist and participants alike, locally and internationally, due to the amazing results as well as the diets compatibility with any body type. With the intense amount of research done and the diets hard-worked planning and design, Brian Flatt has created a diet that, given time and dedication, allows us to remain in control of our bodily hormones on a safe level, like Insulin, Adiponectin, Ghrelin and Leptin which play major factors in the body's weight loss and weight gain. Food consumed can also aid in controlling cellular inflammation, which through observation, is known to be involved in almost every major disease such as systemic inflammation. The Journal of Obesity has released a study in which 65% of those that changed their diets through hormonal balance lost more weight compared to those under calory counting/tracking.

The 4-Week Diet

By also changing their diets and following guidelines like those from the 4 Week Diet Programs, Brian Flatt has designed a diet which brings new comfort as well as healthy weight loss programs to each individual. Cutting out average diet hardships like constant hunger, focusing on healthier regimes and workouts and all of it under 28 days, it's no wonder Flatt's diet is so popular. The 4-Week diet cuts our excess carbs, controls your appetite and cravings, burns fat in places we want most like the waist and arms as well as many countless benefits.

Winning many awards for the diet's efficiency as well as a fan base of participants praising the 4-week diet, it's no surprise that Brian Flatt's diet is such a success.


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