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Should You Try The Elimination Diet?

The Elimination diet focuses on cutting out foods that make you feel bad for extended periods of time. Should you try it?

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Should You Try The Elimination Diet?

Many anecdotal stories have been popping up about people with chronic issues being fixed when trying an elimination diet. So what is it? And does it work?

The Elimination Diet

Diet is one of the most important, and often overlooked by the medical community, as a core contributor to chronic issues. An elimination diet is basically a diet where you remove all foods that usually make you feel “icky” for a long period of time, and reintroduce them one by one to see which ones trigger your symptoms. People who have sought to try the elimination diet include people with chronic issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gut problems (e.g. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritated bowel syndrome etc), thyroid issues, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue and much more.

Many with such issues who’ve tried everything they could through the medical system, claim that this diet helped ease their symptoms, and sometimes removed them completely. One way to follow an elimination diet is to try a completely restrictive diet with foods you know not to cause you problems for two weeks to a month, then slowly and one by one reintroduce ingredients and find out which is causing you problems.

Is This Scientific?

There has been no rigorous evidence, other than anecdotal ones regarding this diet, so it’s important to proceed with caution and without high hopes. However, it is entirely reasonable to think that everybody is different and finding out how your own body ticks would be beneficial for your health. It would also be recommended to have a health professional’s supervision throughout your process.

Can’t you just eat foods that are known to be healthy? Eleanor Rome, whose chronic fatigue, aggressive ADHD, eczema, IBS, and binge eating disorder was entirely gone after an elimination diet, said: “There are so many misconceptions around how to be healthy. There are tons of foods commonly deemed as healthy that may be causing chronic inflammation in your body, which drains your energy, fuels weight gain and is the driver of almost all chronic disease.”

Mikhaila Peterson, another woman who swears by her elimination diet in curing her severe rheumatoid arthritis and depression, was asked whether she felt comfortable recommending this to others. To that, she responded saying that there obviously isn’t any scientific evidence, but there are some pretty strong anecdotal ones. She, therefore, said she recommends experimenting and finding out what works because she has personally never felt better.


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