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How Common Is Fiber Deficiency And How Can We Get More Of It In Our Diets?

Fiber deficiencies are much more common than we think. Here's how to make sure you're stocked up and ready to go.

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How Common Is Fiber Deficiency And How Can We Get More Of It In Our Diets?

One of the most overlooked nutritional deficiencies in the US is fiber deficiencies, and here are some ways you could make sure you get enough in your diet.

Fiber Deficiencies

The US is a developed country that is full of people who eat a lot but still don’t get their nutrition. In other words, they indulge in empty calories. One of the most common deficiencies is fiber deficiency, which could happen if your diet doesn’t include a lot of fruits vegetables or carbs.

A fiber deficiency can make you more prone to diabetes, heart diseases and have a stroke.

Fiber is also such an underrated nutrient. Increasing your fiber intake not only helps ease your bowel movements, and makes your digestive system run more smoothly, it also helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued.

How To Have A Fiber-Rich Diet

So how do you incorporate more fiber in your diet? Here are some NHS-recommended tips to get yourself more fiber. They pointed out that getting your fiber from various sources is ideal for a balanced diet.

  1. Find some high-fiber cereals for a fiber-full breakfast.

One of the reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day is because when you get your healthy ingredients in the morning, it can set the energy level for the entire day. High-fiber cereals are one way you can make sure you get all the benefits of fiber from very early in the day. Oatmeal is also another great source.

  1. Switch to whole-wheat bread

Brown bread has much more fiber content than white bread. You can also switch your pasta and rice to whole-wheat.

  1. Have more potatoes

You will also find a lot of fiber content in the skins of potatoes, so make sure whatever way you make your potatoes, their skins are still on them.

  1. Have more fresh or dried fruits


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