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Fatty Liver Diet And Its Dangers

While the Liver protects our body by detoxifying hazardous and toxic chemicals, the body often stores fats in various parts, including the Liver, which may result in Fatty Liver. Heres what you need to know.

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Fatty Liver Diet And Its Dangers

The Liver works by filtering our blood as it passes through our digestive tract to purify it of any toxic and harmful chemicals before passing the blood onto the rest of the body. While the body does store fat in various areas, Fatty Liver can cause countless health problems.

Fatty Liver

As the liver purifies our blood, metabolizes drugs and expunges unhealthy and toxic waste, helps the body fight off infections and other illnesses, the body stores fat which turns to energy and insulin. While the liver is mostly made up of fat, if its fat levels become too high, it may result in Fatty Liver. There are two types of Fatty Liver, alcoholic fatty liver disease, and non-alcoholic fatty liver. If the liver is too damaged, it may cease its function of purification of the blood which can result in countless health issues.

Ritesh Bawri, a nutritionist and physiologist, "A fatty liver is caused when the carbohydrates or fats or both being regularly consumed is far more than what your liver can process. The excess fat is usually stored in your cells. Beyond a point, it begins to get stored in and around the liver resulting in a fatty liver condition." Fatty Liver is manageable and even reversible with a few alterations to your lifestyle and eating habits. Fatty Liver as symptoms which are often hard to associate with the condition such as fatigue, weight loss, abdominal pain and overall weakness.

How To Handle Fatty Liver?

Ritesh Bawri continues to say "The most important cause of this disease seems to be obesity or diabetes as over 65% of people with diabetes also look to be reporting fatty liver."

A healthy diet is incredibly important in managing and handling Fatty Liver. Bawri explains that the best way to handle Fatty Liver is by cutting out or consuming less processed foods, stocking up on fresh vegetables and fruits, lowering the intake of products high in sugar and that managing your intake of calories properly is key to a healthy liver. 


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