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Eating Low Energy Density Foods Will Leave Us More Full And Refreshed

Research has shown that those who followed a diet based on foods with a low energy as opposed to those restricting their calorie intake feel more full.

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Eating Low Energy Density Foods Will Leave Us More Full And Refreshed

According to research, studies show that those partaking in a low energy based diet and consuming foods such as vegetables, certain meats, rice and other foods will feel more full and have more energy than those cutting out calories from their daily diets.

Low Energy Diet

The study has revealed that people eating meats, vegetables and more in moderation and on a daily basis consumed up to 1000 fewer calories than those trying to restrict themselves from absorbing as many calories as possible. Published in the Journal of Nutrition and conducted by the University of Leeds, the study focused on the effects of a low energy based diet and a high energy based one, studying the differences in a series of studies at University's Human Appetite Research Unit.

Lead author, Dr. Nicola Buckland, said: "The findings show that a commercial programme based on low energy density foods helped people to feel more in control of their food choices and that more than likely made the process of losing weight more effective." and "Gram for gram, low energy dense foods contain fewer calories than high energy density foods, so people are able to eat a larger volume of food for the same (or lower) calorie intake, leading them to feel much fuller."

The Difference

University of Leeds' Human Appetite Research Unit conducted a study over 4 days in which participants would attend and eat a certain amount of meals planned by the research unit. Two days of the tests consisted of low energy food and the other two days were high energy based foods, with participants asked to note down any feelings of hunger or a need to eat more food. On the days where participants ate low energy foods, their hunger and desire to eat more was much lower as opposed to days where they would eat meals with a high energy based focus.


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