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Does The Blood Type Diet Actually Work?

Peter D’Adamo's Blood Type diet has stirred several reactions as to whether the diet actually does work or not.

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Does The Blood Type Diet Actually Work?

Diets are usually tailored to make sure they apply to every participant looking to be involved. Due to the ever rising popularity of nutrigenomics, almost anyone can now design their own diets based on their needs without relying on a "one for all" diet to appear.


Many customized diets and other dietary plans are constantly backed up and researched then studied by professionals and qualified nutritionists, but this might not be the case for the Blood Type diet. According to Peter D’Adamo's diet, since genetics affect our height, weight and more, our blood type also affects our body's ability to process different types of foods. D'Adamo's diet claims that for each blood type, a certain diet works much better.

For example, those that fall under the category of blood type A are more likely to be exposed to heart conditions, cancer and more. As advised by D'adamo, a vegetarian diet falls under the "Type A" plan, as fresh vegetables and other “fresh, pure, and organic” consumables. Blood type O, for example, functions much better on animal meat and proteins and according to D'Adamo's website, “This blood type has a very well-developed ability to digest meals that contain both protein and fat.”

Does it really work?

Kris Sollid, a senior director at the International Food Information Council Foundation, said: “The premise of the blood type diet is interesting from the perspective that it doesn’t recommend the exact same foods for everyone.” 

While the Blood Type diet MAY help you lose weight,  “Any diet can lead to weight loss, but that’s related to the number of calories you eat, your age, and how active you are." He also goes on to further explain that just because a diet may result in weight loss, it doesn't mean that said diet is good for you.


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Lee 4 ay ago

The Blood Type Diet is not about weight loss but is about health. And yes, it works

Wendy 4 ay ago

I've been on this diet for just three months, my goal was to lose 10kg and to stop feeling as if Ive been run over by a truck, I lost the 10 kg in 10 weeks, and my muscle and joint pain has decreased immensely. I must add, I stopped alcohol completely and I now enjoy a coffee or tea without sugar. Clearly I'm doing something right which has attributed to my wellbeing, I'll continue to follow Dr. D'Adamos way of eating

Vi 4 ay ago

I had a sinusitis operation after years and years of antibiotics given by doctors. That operation didn’t stop my sinusitis from returning. This diet does. If I had stuck to the conventional pyramid diet, I would no doubt still be living a poorer quality of life.