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Ditch Counting Calories And Try The Clockwork Diet

When it comes to losing weight, experts say the hours at which you consume your foods are just as important as the food you’re eating.

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Ditch Counting Calories And Try The Clockwork Diet

When it comes to losing weight, experts say the hours at which you consume your foods are just as important as the food you’re eating. In fact, people hoping to shed those extra pounds should count the minutes rather than their calories.

Clockwork Diet

This notion is taken on by what is called a clockwork diet which limits the time frame from which you eat your meals throughout the day, intermediated by a time of fasting between your last dinner and the following breakfast meal. Experts explain that the ideal window for eating throughout your day should consist of eight hours with the remaining 16 hours in a state of fasting in which one should only drink water. To get the best out of this system, your breakfast should be consumed by 11 am with a food cycle lasting until 7 pm during the week followed by a 16-hour fast period until the following morning. Kim Pearson, a nutritionist from London stated, “Time-restricted eating doesn’t require calorie restriction or going for extended periods of time without food”. She also noted that “It particularly suits individuals who don’t have a natural desire to eat breakfast.

“Consume all food during an eight-hour period every day. For example, eat between 11 am and 7 pm, then between 7 pm and 11 am have only water. Some individuals choose to skip either breakfast or dinner, eating just two substantial meals per day.

Others consume three meals per day within a shorter time frame than usual. Consider daily routine and personal preferences in order to find a time frame that works for the individual.”

In addition, having a larger gap between your last meal and the time you go to sleep is beneficial for both losing weight as well as been shown to improve sleep. According to the CEO of Psycle, nutritionist Rhian Stephenson, says. “eating late is inefficient in terms of digestion. You want to aim for as close to three hours without food before bed as possible”.

Nutritionists agree that it is important to give our body periods of digestive breaks. By allowing the body to rest rather than be consistently overloaded, we can actually save energy and increase the sufficiency of our digestive system and boost metabolism. With the clockwork plan, your body gets the rest it needs whilst allowing you to enjoy your food window without guilt.  

Suit To Your Needs

A great benefit of this particular diet is that you can adjust it to suit your individual needs and daily schedules. For example, on days you have plans for a late dinner you can shift your food window forward and thus enjoy your meal out and end your food window at 9 pm instead. This type of diet works well for those who spend their days in the office, as well as being significantly easier than most diets to get back on the right foot after any cheat days.

According to nutritionist Louise Parker, one should “eat a little bit of protein, a little low GI carbohydrate and a little fat at every meal. This may sound daunting or complex but once you understand the building blocks, it’s just second nature. The possibilities are endless and doable on the road or in flight”. In addition, have a final meal packed with protein will aid in helping you stay feeling full during your 16-hour fast period.  

Another beneficial tip when attempting the clockwork diet is focusing on your chewing rate and technique which is recommended to take an average of thirty seconds per bite. “When you do eat, take your time over the meal”, explains celebrity nutritionist. Gabriela Peacock. “Practice ‘Mindful Eating’ and chew thoroughly, savoring each mouthful.” This is due to the fact that slower chewing can help prevent overeating and allows your brain enough time to process signals of feeling full.


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