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Can This Diet Delay Alzheimers?

Alzheimer's disease is a very common form of Dementia. Can this diet delay and even prevent the disease?

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Can This Diet Delay Alzheimers?

While Alzheimer's is an incredibly common form of Dementia and with the condition only rising in numbers, one diet can delay the effects of Dementia and even completely prevent them.

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease is a form of Dementia, a brain disorder, which results in memory loss, general confusion as well as problems with speaking and a difficulty in understanding things. The Mediterranean diet, possibly the worlds most popular and beneficial diet plan, has been proven to push back the initial symptoms of the disorder by up to 3 years and possibly completely prevent the disorder. Lisa Moscini from Weill Cornell Medical College studied around 70 scans of healthy brains from adults, with one half following the average Western diet and the other half participating in the Mediterranean diet.

Lisa placed brain scan images of two women, side by side, with each woman following a different diet. One scan was of a woman that had been part of the Mediterranean diet her entire life. Speaking about the brain scans of the first woman, she said: “Her brain takes up most of the space inside the skull,” and going on to say “The ventricles, those little butterfly-shaped fissures in the middle of the brain, are small and compact."


Moscini continued on, saying “The hippocampus – the memory centre of the brain – is well-rounded and in close contact with the surrounding tissues.” The second scan contained the brain of the other participant, a woman who had been following the Western diet for many years which included eating dairy products, processed foods, and candy. Her scans were of a less positive progress, with signs of shrinkage, or atrophy. Lisa Moscini explained that “As the brain loses neurons, the space is replaced by fluids instead, which show up as black on an MRI.”

“There are more black areas present in the brain that has been fed a typical Western diet than in the brain that consumed a Mediterranean diet. These are all signs of accelerated ageing and increased risk of dementia.” As opposed to the Mediterranean diet, signs are clear that an average Western diet is not the way to go. Healthy, vegetable-based diets and proper eating can indeed delay Alzheimer's.


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