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Can The Metabolic Reset Diet Help Lose Weight?

Made popular by former NFL player, Steve Weatherford, the Metabolic Reset Diet which promises results in a mere 30-days.

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Can The Metabolic Reset Diet Help Lose Weight?

Steve Weatherford's diet plan states that anyone following it can reset their metabolism to shed weight and detoxify their bodies, expelling all those unwanted toxins and cleaning out the body to keep you in a fit and tight shape.

The Metabolism Reset Diet

Weatherford's diet promises that participants will see results in a mere 30-days. As his website states, the diet will do everything from “shredding,” to "detoxifying" the body, as well as sculpting your body by aiding in weight loss and providing larger muscles. So what is the Metabolism Reset Diet? Many versions of the diet exist as Steve Weatherford's plan isn't the only one around. What they share in common is that they all suggest the idea that its possible reset or trick your metabolism into functioning faster to burn more calories.

Women's Health spoke to Brigitte Zeitlin, owner of BZ Nutrition to find out more about the diet. Brigitte said: “The diet pattern will vary from plan to plan, but they all restrict your calorie intake—your whole grains, dairy, and fruit—and focus on increasing your protein intake,” and that “The diet lasts for about one to two months, depending on the plan, and proclaims serious weight loss.”

Is It Safe?

Speaking about the diet, Brigitte said that while the plan may aid in weight loss, it won't be a long-term weight loss or the type we may be looking for. She goes on to say that “What typically happens with these overly restrictive fad diets is that you lose weight quickly, because you are drastically cutting out food groups and calories, only to regain the weight later on when you start to eat normally again,” and “And, typically, you regain more than you initially lost," as the diet plan only lasts for one month and is a short-term diet.


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AlexS 3 ay ago

Interesting, I may try this! Personally I do intermittent fasting every day as well as frequent detoxing which I have found to both be amazing. I only eat from 12pm till 8pm every day and try to eat just healthy meals. Also check out this awesome free eBook I found called the Ultimate Guide to Detoxing that literally tells you everything you need to know about detoxes, toxins, diets and stuff I hope this helps everyone! Happy Dieting