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Can Switching To Diet Soda Actually Help Us Lose Weight?

While its a well-known fact that consuming soft drinks and other sugary drinks, can switching to diet soda help with weight loss?

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Can Switching To Diet Soda Actually Help Us Lose Weight?

Dr.Alan Barclay, an accredited Dietitian, speaks about how people that partake in a diet with high amounts of sugar consumption, especially with soda and other soft drinks involved, can actually see weight loss by switching to diet soda drinks.

Diet Soda

Dr.Barclay spoke about evidence which supported the fact that sweeteners do not add to weight gain. He says: "In humans, there’s some strong evidence saying that consuming intense sweeteners will not make you put on weight,” and “In fact, if you replace the sugar [in your diet] with an intense sweetener, you will lose weight." Diet soft drinks contain very little calories and no extra carbohydrates, which makes for a better substitute to regular soft drinks.

Dr.Barclay goes on to say: “So if you do consume a lot of free or added sugars then you can safely switch to an alternative sweetener or a diet soft drink, and that will help you to cut down on calories and carbohydrates from your diet." The doctor also continues to explain that if you aren't someone that regularly consumes soda and other soft drinks high in sugar on a regular basis, switching to a diet soft drink will produce no changes or aid in weight loss.


The Journal of Nutrition published a study recently which recently explored the connection between sweeteners with a low-calorie count and their effect on weight and more in adults. Results showed that consumption of the sweetener for over a period of three months had no effect on weight. Dr.Barclay continues to explain consumption of sweeteners does not fuel the desire for more sugary foods.

“This is not the way the human body works," says Dr.Barclay, going on to say "Evidence from randomised controlled trials in humans indicates that intense sweeteners can satisfy an individual’s desire for sweetness if consumed before a meal.”


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