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Can Chili Water Be A Secret To Weight Loss?

Spicy foods can help with weight loss by affecting our metabolism and how efficiently it functions.

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Can Chili Water Be A Secret To Weight Loss?

Experts say that spicy foods could help boost weight loss by increasing your metabolism. So could chili water be a secret to losing more weight? Yes, but obviously not drastically.

The Studies

Studies have found that chilies cause your metabolism to increase, and could, therefore, help you lose weight. Beyonce was rumored to be following a diet involving drinks with cayenne pepper.

One study found that participants who ate chilies had a peak in their metabolism for almost half an hour following their consumption. However, the study also noted that the results wouldn’t be huge.

One other study found that another spice with an active ingredient similar to that in chili caused people’s metabolic rate to rise by a mere 50 calories.

Of course, depending on height, weight, age, and levels of activity, for women, the average food intake required to maintain your weight is 2000 calories a day. And so the hypothetical intake required to lose one pound per week should be about 1500 calories a day. Losing 50 calories by eating chilies could help you reach that goal, but in the bigger picture would not make that much of a difference.

Experts On The Matter

Spicy peppers have been recommended by some experts, including Marilyn Glenville, a renowned nutritionist who specializes in helping women lose weight.

“A substance called capsaicin is found in peppers and it is the compound that gives peppers their heat. It is thought to help fight weight gain and obesity by decreasing calorie intake and lowering blood fat levels.”

She explained that the capsaicin triggers thermogenesis, where your body uses your body’s fat to convert it into heat in response to the spiciness. Therefore, including spicy foods in your diet could help boost your thermogenesis and therefore your metabolism (by up to 5%) and your fat burning (by 16%)


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