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Can A Plant-Based Diet Help Diabetics With Glycemic Control?

Plant-based diets could prove beneficial for those with diabetes 2 as well as aid with cholesterol and weight control.

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Can A Plant-Based Diet Help Diabetics With Glycemic Control?

A new study finds that plant-based diets could help people with Type 2 Diabetes with glycemic control, cholesterol levels as well as weight loss. There was little to no effect on fasting insulin, blood pressure, HDL-C or triglycerides.

Plant-Based Diets & Diabetes

A new study has shown that plant-based diets can help Type 2 diabetics with their glycemic, cholesterol and weight control. The scientists claim that cardiovascular health and glycemic control is that plant-based products are usually high in phytochemicals, fibre and lower in saturated fats.

The researchers also pointed out that between 60 and 70 percent of Type 2 diabetics often die of cardiovascular disease. This makes them around 2-4 times more at risk of death from cardiovascular disease than those without diabetes.

"The good news is that this study shows that the same simple prescription -- eating a plant-based diet -- can reduce our risk for heart problems and improve Type 2 diabetes at the same time," the Clinical Research Director from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Hana Kahleova, added. Another study had also found a link between diet and eased/cured diabetic symptoms. It found that some Type 2-diabetics put on an 800 calorie liquid diet for a period of 8 weeks, were found to go into remission.

The Study

The study evaluated 9 experimental studies, with almost 700 participants, all of which aimed to assess how effective a vegetarian and vegan diet can be for diabetics.The results showed that diabetics on plant-based diets had lost weight, lower bad cholesterol levels later, and a much better score for other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

The diet showed no significant impact on what is referred to as "fasting insulin," blood pressure, HDL-C, or triglyceride levels. The diet also showed moderate to low impact on waist circumference.


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