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Can A Hypno-Fasting Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Hypnotherapist Rory Z claims that hypno-fasting can help us lose weight and kick our bodies into gear to shed that extra weight we want to lose. Does it work?

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Can A Hypno-Fasting Diet Help You Lose Weight?

In this day and age, diets of all types are popping up all over the place. Whether its popular diets like the DASH or world-famous Mediterannean diet, you can bet something with a crazy touch to is just around the corner. Enter hypnotherapy, which, when put together with dieiting gives us the Hypno-Fasting diet which has been grabbing attention recently thanks to Rory Z Fulcher, a hynotherapist from the UK, and his book "Hypno-Fasting".

The Diet

According to Rory, hypnosis is a completely normal mindstate and can in fact aid people in losing the weight they want. His book brings together hypnosis and intermittent fasting, fusing the two together to provide a new look on dieting overall. According to his book, hypnosis isnt a facade or as Rory says, it isn't "magic or mind-control" but instead allows those under it become incredibly focused and stop any unnecessary distractions from getting in our way.

Fasting has been proven countless times by experts to be benificial both physically and mentally, protect us against disease, and even help out with losing weight and managing it properly. Founder of A Dietitian's Mission, Joyce Haddad, says that Hypno-Fasting isn't some quick and easy method to lose weight and that even though it may help some people lose weight, it definitely is not  a “quick fix method”.

Is It For You?

Hypno-Fasting diets are not for everyone and certainly don't work on all of us. Joyce Haddad goes on to explain that hypnosis on it's own can't provide enough guarantee that each and every diet will work on everyone. While hypnosis might work if proper exercise and eating habits are followed, there isn't enough conclusive evidence to back up hypnosis and other physchological effects on the body and mind.

She also states that “Individual characteristics like persistence, selflessness and openness have all been linked to higher hypnosis susceptibility. Whereas individuals who are not open to suggestion may find hypnotism less effective."


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